Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm going to Oxford tomorrow!! I literally can't believe it - feels like I should have been anticipating for much longer than this. I tried not to think about it all the time before Sing Song and Lectureship - and then my life exploded for three weeks - and after that, when I turned around, it was almost here.

Hundreds of ACU students have been through the Study Abroad program in Oxford since its inception. Some become more attached to Oxford than others - and a few of us become what my dad lovingly calls "obsessed." It's true. I felt like my heart was being yanked out when I left Oxford two springs ago - and though I've slowly healed and come to terms with it, I have always longed to go back.

So back I go, to a city that has been the same for hundreds of years and yet is always changing. I'll go back to the same houses, with a new set of people in them; the same church, with a very different staff; the same narrow streets and green, flourishing gardens and quaint little shops, with the old and the new sandwiched in side by side. And I am coming back different. I am not the same Katie who left England on May 17 two years ago. I'm so excited to see what this trip will bring - lots of fun and nostalgia, I am sure, but also some important time alone and some wonderful new memories, and new discoveries on every level.

My plane leaves DFW in 29 hours. Ready or not, here I come...


Blogger Jacque said...

Sing with me now..."I'm leaving on a jet plane..."
Can't wait to see you! :)

4:13 AM  

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