Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's been a strange week and a half. Back to the grind of papers, choir rehearsals, plowing through several books a week and typing up ACU Today EXperiences. (That's alumni news, for you non-ACU readers.) Oxford felt like a week out of time. I didn't do homework. I didn't stress about being anywhere exactly on time. I didn't worry about bills or housecleaning or commitments or even the way my hair looked. Instead, I walked several miles a day. I browsed in bookshops for hours. I sat and drank tea and listened to Fernando Ortega with Jacque and Janine. I took a bitterly cold walk across a meadow with four people I love. I had lunch with one of my favourite pastors in the world. I drank in the centuries-old, history-steeped, yet ever-changing air of my favourite place on earth.

Still don't know what I'm up to after graduation. (My newly resurrected dream is to go back and work at St. Aldate's Church for a year.) It's frightening, and more than a little unnerving (especially as I get asked about it several times a day). I know there's something out there for me to do. Just don't know what it is yet.


Blogger Scott said...

Hey, Katie - I was wonderin' - what are you going to DO after graduation? ;-)

I can only imagine the respite of Oxford. It just seems like a dreamy place to be. Cole wishes he was in Hawaii - and I wish I was in England.

Blessings on your final push to graduation!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Adam Hedgpeth said...


Open up a coffee shop, and use it to support book writing. That is SO you. Whatever you do, do not settle.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Adam Hedgpeth said...

Another thing...

If anyone, and I mean anyone tries to remind you that Midland has the highest hiring rate in the state right now, as I've heard a dozen times this semester, just punch em right in the kisser

8:24 PM  

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