Monday, September 12, 2005

Top eight reasons it's a Monday:

8. I was ten minutes late to my morning meeting with Eric Gumm...why am I so pathologically constantly-running-behind?
7. I could NOT stay awake the last 15 minutes of music history...resulting in lots of guilt that I was disrespecting Dr. Straughn and missing the rest of his lecture on medieval monophony. Which is really interesting, by the way.
6. Got a peek at next spring's schedule bulletin and I might have to take Preston Harper's class after all...and a class conflict might preclude me from taking Steven Moore's. GRRRR.
5. Dropped my full cup of lemonade at Chick-fil-A in front of about twenty thousand people, and yes, it spilled EVERYWHERE. Fortunately Alyssa Johnson had enough presence of mind to remark, "At least my [lemonade-doused] feet are refreshed."
4. I am never eating Chick-fil-A's greasy and it doesn't fill you up. What a wonderful combination. Down with American fast-food restaurants (except Rosa's, of course)...
3. Amber scared me to death when I came into work by informing me that they had to clear the desktop on the malfunctioning computer and so all of my files had been deleted...I almost had a heart attack right there. Four weeks of work on ACU Today EXperiences (alumni news) is not something to joke about. She was kidding, but still...
2. Spent $200 on a music history book that weighs about 20 tons...that doubled my expenditure on books for the semester. Granted, it's not my money (thank God for scholarships), but STILL...
1. This Web photo album project is quickly approaching ridiculous. Whose idea was this, anyway? Mel and I have already put in a ton of work on this, but it's taking a lot longer than we thought and now I have to scour the server for pictures. And someone (one of those millions of offices over in the Ad Building) is impatient with us because it's not up yet. Spare me the criticism, people...or you can come over here and do it. I mean, really.

On the bright side, it's a beautiful day outside. And I had a great voice lesson this morning...there's nothing like belting "On My Own" from Les Mis to a very appreciative audience (my voice teacher, who gets REALLY excited when I do well). And tonight Bethany and I are going to Target to buy a sofa slipcover. Preferably on sale. But we'll have fun whichever way it goes.

C'est la joie de vivre...


Blogger Scott said...

Bon Lundi,

I could have sworn that you said that you had to sit through a lecture on medieval monotony. Tsk, tsk, tsk - Hildegard von Bingen would be crushed.

Funny post, o ye who washes the feet of others.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Cole said...

But yet, she loves lectures on Chomsky's wh-cleft transformation. Go figure.

3:22 PM  

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