Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I've been told that I need to blog more often. Apparently there are at least a few people in the blog-universe who await my outpouring of random thoughts. :) Time and inspiration have both been lacking lately, but this morning they've both decided to show up. Correspondingly, I started a new journal yesterday - its clean, lined pages, pristine and fresh with possibility, await my scribbling.

These lines from Nichole Nordeman's song "Tremble" have been playing in my head for a few days:

And the line grows blurry all the time
Between daily and divine
It's hard to know the difference...

Isn't that a blessing? I was thinking of this yesterday as I walked home from a canceled 8:00 class, my shadow stretching before me, my legs suddenly too long for my body. The sun glinted off still-sleeping cars and the day held the haze of early morning, before the world has lost itself in the busyness of paperwork and politics. For a few minutes, or even a few hours, the line blurs, and the mundane and the mystical become one. God, instead of being the Artist who stands back looking at His painting, becomes the colors and strokes of the painting, leaving His imprint everywhere.

Would that it were this way all the time! I wish the scales would fall from our eyes so we could see the myriad connections between daily and divine. I think we would be richer people for it. Wouldn't your daily job seem more meaningful if it carried some connotation or inspiration from beyond yourself?

Oh, I know it isn't always this way. Too well I know that weariness or frustration or grief can obscure the larger meaning of our seemingly little lives. But at times the veil lifts for just a moment - and then - my eyes, with their limited vision, catch a glimpse of a greater Mystery.


Blogger Scott said...

Those moments are the best - and all too rare for me. But I see them also in the rare people who seem to channel His nature in the way they treat others, too.

Glad you were properly chided for blogging frequency. I have learned that a LOT more people read a blog than comment on it.

Hope all is well. Volcano Joes misses you.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good blog, Katie!

Jeremiah's Mom

10:38 AM  

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