Wednesday, June 28, 2006

After about a month of driving, I've started walking to work again. A few less-than-scorching days this week have helped me stand firm in my decision, as has ACU's new walking track, largely shaded by trees. Also, walking forces me to slow down and take in what's around me: sunlight on the tree leaves, construction workers digging a few last holes, Gary Varner speeding by on his moped. I do love my total lack of commute to this job. Besides, it helps burn off a few calories from the five or six spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie I had at lunch.

I'm trying to get on my way to becoming a freelance writer, though this has not replaced the full-time job search; it is only augmenting it. Freelancing seems like a tough market...queries and strict word limits and topic requirements and waiting weeks for responses from editors. But it's a chance to do what I love to do above almost all else: write.

Last night: Old roommate became current roommate once again. Bethany is now installed in the purple front bedroom at the house, aka the Revolving Door Hostel. And we had chicken pasta with Jacque's carbonara sauce, and talked late into the night. And there was ice cream. And it was good.

Tonight: Sarah goes to Nashville; Bethany goes to Dallas to see Les Miserables (the show is tomorrow, but they left today). And I head home to M-town for a night with the fam and the puppy, and a couple of appointments tomorrow.

Tomorrow night: Back to Abilene for a night with Leigh Anne before she leaves to go to Stephenville for the weekend. And some writing time. (Whew!)

Friday night: Dinner at Texas Roadhouse for Tori's 22nd birthday. Must go present shopping. Perhaps when I'm in Midland.

My life is suddenly much fuller than it was. Thank You, Father. I am blessed.


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