Saturday, August 11, 2007

If the DBMM were Hogwarts

A few days ago at the office, we had an inspired discussion based off a list put on Facebook by two of our majors: What if the DBMM were Hogwarts? Which professor would be which? Emails flew back and forth, and it has been decided to add a Harry Potter category to our annual DBMM Jeopardy at Passport. I won't be there, of course, but I find this hilarious anyway, so I'm going to post the list, with a few of my own explanations and modifications:

  • Glenn is, of course, Dumbledore - brilliant, gentle and wise, with the requisite silver beard. (And he's the Headmaster/chair.)
  • Jeanene Reese is Minerva McGonagall - firm but fair, and you don't want to cross her if you belong to the dark side.
  • Jerry Taylor is Hagrid - big, gentle, and always willing to lend a hand.
  • Randy Harris is Harry Potter - the "world's only Church of Christ monk" is as close as the DBMM gets to having a "Chosen One."
  • David Wray is "Mad-Eye" Moody - venerable, respected, and a bit awe-inspiring. (He's also 6'9", which Moody isn't, but we're taking creative license here.)
  • Wendell Willis is Severus Snape - he can be dour, though he's good at heart, and he teaches Intro to Exegesis, which is the closest thing we have to Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • Rodney Ashlock is Arthur Weasley - kind, fatherly and helpful.
  • Larry Henderson is Remus Lupin - he's no werewolf, but he is quiet, friendly and genuine.
  • Jack Reese, after much debate, wins the position of the Weasley twins - he has enough energy to be Fred and George. Or else he's one and Robert Oglesby is the other. They both have mischievous streaks a mile wide.
  • If Robert's not a Weasley twin, he's James Potter - just cocky enough to be likable, and quite a prankster.
  • Stephen Johnson is Harry's beloved godfather, Sirius Black...mostly because he's tall, dark, handsome, and can be fiery when he needs to be.
  • Tony Ash is Nearly Headless Nick (or perhaps Professor Binns) - he's been around longer than anyone!
  • Camille Dickson is our own Ginny Weasley - very pretty, and she can make anything happen.
  • Jan Hailey is Sybill Trelawney - sweet and scatterbrained.
  • Marcia Moore is Professor Sprout - also sweet, and well-versed in an obscure subject (Greek and Herbology have a few things in common, I'm sure).
  • Karissa Herchenroeder is Hermione Granger - she worked in the DBMM for three years before becoming our undergraduate recruiter and working in the dean's office. She knows more about the building than anyone else, I swear.
  • Wimon Walker is Neville Longbottom - so sweet, and a little discombobulated.
  • David Wallace would be Ron Weasley, because he's as loyal as they come.
  • John Willis is, of course, Professor Flitwick - small and wise.
  • JoAnn Young, admin assistant for missions, is Luna Lovegood.
  • And Carlene Harrison, our inimitable scheduling guru who takes care of everyone, is Molly Weasley.
And me? I would hope to be a second Hermione, or even a McGonagall at times, since I was Glenn's assistant this year (though at times I'm sure everyone thought I was Rita Skeeter, scribbling down outrageous quotes). Fortunately we have no Malfoys, Bellatrixes or Voldemorts in our department. Just thought I'd share this bit of fun...hope you enjoy!


Anonymous julie rich said...

hehe i love it!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Beverly said...

huh?...what a hogwart and who is Harry Potter?

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