Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Special summery moments this week:

-a looooonnnnnggg walk in the rain with J around the ACU track on Sunday night

-Running into the Montgomerys, part of our beloved Lifeteam, on last night's walk and strolling with them to Jacob's Dream

-Luscious bottled fruit smoothies. Mmmmm.

-Fresh strawberries with French bread for lunch.

-Magazines - thanks to Julie for the issues of InStyle and Real Simple. I adore glossy pages with pretty stories!

-A cookout to honor Kelly Banks, another Lifeteamer who leaves soon for Iraq, on Sunday night. Lots of kids in the inflatable pool, yummy burgers, fresh blackberries and cherry tomatoes, and lots of tortilla chips. And several new friends.

The workday's nearly over...off to enjoy the sunshine!


Blogger Bethany said...

It sounds lovely! Wish I were there this summer to help you with those strawberries and sunshiny afternoons! But you'll be here soon!

1:26 PM  

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