Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Recipe for a Cowley Christmas Party

+1 strand icicle lights, festooned around the lounge with Sellotape (courtesy of Lizzie & Dave)

+1 fragrant 4-foot spruce tree, decked with blue and silver ornaments and topped with an angel

+3 dozen chocolate chip cookies (homemade by Katie)

+Several dozen mince pies (homemade by Jo)

+Jam tarts, Pringles and assorted other goodies

+1 big pot of cider

+16 ACU-in-Oxford students, and Jacque

+Lizzie, Jo and Katie

Put all ingredients into a small dollhouse in the centre of Ablett Close, off the Cowley Road. Mix well and add a healthy dose of Christmas music - from swing to pop to instrumental.

Enjoy. :)


Blogger Laurie said...

sounds fabulous! enjoy!

Blessings to you this season.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Bethany said...

Oh, it sounds lovely! Can I ask how you made the cider? (I have to make cider for girls' group at my house next Tuesday and am searching for yummy recipes.) ; )

3:27 PM  

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