Friday, April 13, 2007

Scattered lovely, funny or astounding moments from yesterday's Bible department Senior Blessing, which was truly a blessing to all involved - students, faculty and staff:

-Seven cases of water bottles, at least six cases of sodas, 16 bags of chips and half a dozen bags of grapes. And three six-foot Subway sandwiches! Mitch Halstead (one of the seniors), 10 minutes after walking in: "The feeding has begun."

-A violent, intense, competitive, hilarious Spoons tournament, which Jeremiah almost won - he was the third-to-last one out. Soooo close!

-Stumbling upon Stephen Johnson playing "In Christ Alone" on the piano in the chapel, during a breakout quiet time. Beautiful.

-Sneaking around taking pictures and eavesdropping (a bit) during the prayer stations, which were rich and wonderful. And the prayer garden where they have the stations is charming.

-Robert Oglesby being serenaded to the tune of "I Want It That Way" by a group of students from his youth ministry class, who sang:

Tell me how to get the things from church for free
Tell me how to grow that required goatee
Tell me how to write a pretty resume
You said in class today...

You get the idea. :)

-Jack Reese, our esteemed dean, playing charades. Enough said.

-So many faces I adore - Bible department folks who are universally beloved. John Willis. Jeanene Reese. David Wray. Rodney Ashlock. Jan Hailey, who organized the whole shebang. My co-workers are the greatest.

-Randy Harris's stories about awkward moments in ministry - from praying over a hospital patient who was already dead (!) to marrying a couple who had secretly eloped the week before (!!). And Rodney's stories about a flying false nose and a "militant nursing mother"...oh my, oh my. :)

-Sweet Olivia's words at the final blessing time: "I grew up frustrated with God because I wasn't a boy. But I came here and realized that there can be places for women in the church, in ministry. Thank you."

What a terrific day. Fun, food, games, laughs, hugs, letters, special words of prayer and affirmation and blessing. I'm relieved it's over, but I'm mostly glad it happened.

Off to Midland with J in an hour. Happy weekend!


Anonymous Julie said...

Sounds like an incredibly special (and entertaining!) day. Sorry I haven't replied to your e-mail -- the conference is completely snazzy and busy, but I did want to let you know that lunch on Monday sounds perfect. I'll come find you at your office, as usual. Have a great weekend in Midland!

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