Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book quote #3 in a series - prompted because I have just eaten a portion of apple crumble, and am about to go make cocoa:

"By the time Inigo and I had finished our cheese sandwiches at lunchtime, I was starting to panic about keeping the house warm and giving our guests such terminally dull food. We would be considered one of those ghastly families that invited people to stay then watched them slowly freeze to death over the fruit salad - and who wanted fruit salad in this weather? We needed hot food - apple crumble and cocoa, I thought. I was about to bolt upstairs and put extra rugs in the guest rooms when the snow started to fall: great, powdery flakes that had covered the window sill in the drawing room within minutes."

~Eva Rice, The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets


Blogger Julie said...

I love these quotes! You're on a literary roll!

I received the loveliest note in the mail the other day from the loveliest Oxfordian...thank you. :)

9:46 AM  
Blogger *DC* said...

Ha! This one is my favorite. As a panicking hostess myself, I can relate. :)

9:47 AM  

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