Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is my last post from my little eMac in my little corner office in Creative Services. Tomorrow I move on to the larger and much more chaotic realm of the Bible department...away from this small outpost of ACU (we're technically across the street from campus) that has been my office home for more than a year and a half. It's been new, different, exciting, confusing, dull and absolutely out of control at various times...but gradually I've carved out a niche for myself over here. I was the first student proofreader they hired, and I dare say I've helped shape what the job will be in the future. And I also can say I have done the job well.

Today at a good-bye lunch, for me and for two of our designers who were also leaving, Ron presented us with plaques detailing things the office crew likes about all of us. Apparently my co-workers appreciate my extensive vocabulary, my "ability to remain calm and focused in the midst of any deadline," my stories about family trips, my "minor in ACU historical trivia," the "speed with which I can turn a grammatical disaster into smooth-as-silk copy," and, of course, my "good taste in fellow workers." :) So, in return, I'd like to present a few things I like about them:

-Celia's laugh, which can be heard all over the office when she really thinks something's funny

-Ron's incredible eye for detail, which has shamed me, impressed me and sharpened me time and time again

-Peggy's caring (but never nosy) inquiries into all the student workers' lives...we're like a set of surrogate grandchildren to her. Oh, and the Rice Krispie Treats she makes us for birthdays. Yummmmm.

-Amber Lee's sweet spirit and her constant "bless yous!" when I sneeze

-Greg's jokes at jobs meetings and the laugh lines that crinkle around his eyes

-Ken's rooster-crow cell phone ring, and his jokes at jobs meetings

-Paul's sense of humor, which is as crazy as his curly black hair

-The well-stocked candy dish on the front desk

-Multicolored Sharpies in all sizes

-The chance to work on amaaaazing publications such as four issues of ACU Today, The ACU Century, and Dr. John's Perpetual Calendar

-Time to blog, balance my checkbook, send novella-length emails to lots of those I love, chat to Val on Gmail for hours, and generally amuse myself when I wasn't working :)

-The chance to learn SO MUCH, not just about editing, but about people and office work and relationships and life, from the amazing people I worked with. So I raise my glass of free bottled water for the last time. Here's to you, CS. What an amazing student/summer job you were. I'll see you on the other side...of campus, that is. :) Thanks again. And call me if those commas get too unruly!

Lots of love,

Katie (a grateful proofreader, who has ink-stained fingers and lots of love in her heart)


Blogger Chris Field said...

Big congrats on the new job, Katie. I don't know you well but I think that you will do great in that position in the Bible department. Blessings as you begin this new part of life.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrads on the new job! i'll put my hand up for a big novella email :)

7:05 AM  
Blogger Malaysian Debster said...

Hey Katie! I'm a friend of Jeremiah's and have been reading his blog (and actually yours) quite regularly. Just wanted to say congrats on your new job position and I pray that the Lord will continue to use you as His instrument. Your blog has been quite the inspiration! :)

9:10 AM  

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