Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Notes from a haphazard Tuesday

I have realized that I'm going to a show and a shower for the same person in the month of April. For some reason, that makes me happy.

I need quality dark chocolate. M&M's do not satisfy. Even in copious quantities.

Only in Abilene is it sprinkling at 8 a.m., cloudy at noon, sunny at 1 p.m. and raining fiercely by 4 p.m. When I walk home in 10 minutes, who knows what the weather will be? Note to self: Wear a light mackintosh, carry an umbrella, and be prepared!

Mailed today: a scholarship application for when I go to Brookes, and two letters to dear friends. I'm glad that email has not completely obliterated postal mail. I still loooove sending and receiving, even if stamps are about to go up ANOTHER two cents.

Last night, after inhaling an insane amount of dust at Jeremiah's softball game (which was fun nevertheless), I started Neil Simon's memoir, Rewrites. The man is a comic genius; I was laughing before the end of the first page, and I stayed up well past midnight reading.

Tonight feels like a cuddle-down movie night. Maybe with hot soup. Unless, of course, the weather changes again; then it could be a picnic on the deck. Either way, I am planning on a relaxed evening, and changing from my all-too-pressed work clothes into something MUCH softer and more comfy.

Time to shut this joint down, as Glenn says. Adieu!


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