Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have another article up in this week's Radiant newsletter. For the record, I would like to say that I sent this in BEFORE I got engaged...and it's not a declaration of how life is all the time; simply a snapshot of how it was recently. It does still feel a bit like we're stuck in neutral in the department, waiting for the school year to end (tomorrow!) and summer to begin. But having this wonderful sparkly ring to gaze at helps. ;) And so does telling the news to alllll the people who love me...via Facebook, email, the blog, the phone, and (my personal favorite) face-to-face encounters. (A list of my favorite reactions is coming soon.)

We actually have blue sky at the moment after days and days of rain. I usually love rain, but it's time for some Texas summer sunshine. And my Betsy and my Jeremiah are both graduating this weekend...I don't want it to rain on their parade.

The first wedding detail is in place! Jeremiah and I had lunch with Mike Cope today, and he agreed to officiate. :) I promise this blog won't become a wedding-planning journal, but as this particular detail is kind of a big deal, I thought I'd share.

The lovely Julie S. heads to Oxford on Sunday, and she's a wee bit worried, as her latest post attests. Go leave her some comment love and encouragement.

It's almost 5:00...and almost Friday...and almost graduation weekend...get excited!


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Great article, Katie!

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