Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off to the Emerald Isle

Drinking a cup of strawberry tea from a polka-dotted mug, with my birthday flowers (still perky) on the table, and Jo typing on her laptop nearby. Just wanted to say that I'm off to Ireland tomorrow! Colton Mailes, my dear friend since childhood (our dads grew up together and our grandparents are great friends), is studying abroad in Galway this semester. I've never been to Ireland (and I haven't seen him in a couple of years), so I'm flying into Dublin and then taking a bus to Galway to spend a long weekend with him. Weather permitting, we shall be hiking and biking and generally enjoying ourselves in western Ireland. I'm so excited! Pictures and stories to come when I return!


Blogger Vonnie said...

I'm jealous. I want to go to Ireland - and to England too.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Julie S. said...

I hope you're having a grand time in Ireland! Can't wait to see the photos.

8:16 PM  

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