Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Small (and large) blessings today:

-The word "serendipity"

-A trip to CS to see several of my old co-workers

-Lunch with Charity in my sun-drenched apartment...BLTs and fresh fruit and birthday dark chocolate. Yummmm.

-Charlie and Lola DVDs - my "birthday-esque" present from Charity. Yay!!!

-Soft peppermints from Carlene's office.

-A Betsy sighting in the Campus Center. Third one this week!

-Spending the rest of a gift card on Amazon. Two books and one musical soundtrack CD, coming up. :)

Small (and large) blessings yesterday:

-Making communion bread in my kitchen with Jeremiah, then sharing it with the group at Come As You Are. The body and blood of Christ...broken and spilled out for us...and for all the messes that God loves.

-Doing laundry at Jeremiah's. Thank God for benevolent boyfriends. (Although it benefits him too when my clothes are clean and smell good.) ;)

-Lunch with Stephen at Rosa's...taco salad, painted parrots and hilarity. I have SO many more good friends than I deserve.

-A glorious, decadent hour spent in the public library, checking out so many books they had to give me a bag. One mystery, one memoir on friendship, one totally fun "girlfriend" book, one book of essays, and one Irish novel. Mmmmmm....delicious.

-My first visit to Monks coffee shop, in downtown Abilene (you can view their Web site here). A yummy "very wild berry" smoothie, funky green couches, local art, indie music, a chalkboard menu and the chance to just be. I will be going back. Perhaps tonight.

Thought for the day: "Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them." -Alfred North Whitehead


Blogger Beverly said...

..hey, let's go to Monks together sometime? love ya girl!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Are you saying that the word "serendipity" is serendipitous?

And I never made it to Rosa's when I was in A-Town. BLAST!!!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Vonnie said...

We went to Rosa's when we were there in Feb. This time we went to Abuelos. Very good.

11:31 PM  

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